Sunday, May 1, 2011

It is a story about a  little water-like creature being bullied
It is a bully loop, the cute thing can be bullied all the time without stop  XD
I did not do too much animation before...
I used to think  it is better to keep every frame kind of the same, that can make a fluent movement, so I alway try to change the last frame a little bit by drag the line a little bit or whatever, and  always fair.
this time I try to draw every frame, give up use the last one if the gesture changes.
And it works, I think:)))

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

form and image

The thing I learnt from this
is how to let the image fit the music.
Put the image 2 frames befor the rhythm.
It is probably easy to those students that already majored in animation befor,
but for me, it is a new topic : )
It is very fun to learn it

the lost plase

The lost world

It is a world that full of unknown, horror, and death. One sweet moment can make you enjoy, and also break your heart.

you are in an ordinary room like a bedroom, a mysterious door appears. It is pink, as transparent as water, it waves slowly and softly.

when the first time you open your eyes in the lost world, you can see a corridor in front of you. Everything is white and a little bit dirty. When you are walking, you can hear the laughter of devils, and the cry of some little things. There are eyes open on the wall somewhere sometimes, their pupils move when you move, stop when you stop. They change into blood and flow down slowly and quietly after you pass by. Some unknown insects creep on the wall and eaten by the bloody mouth appeared on the wall.

When you walk further, you find it is a maze, at every crossroad, you hear the voice of some guides. One sounds like a little girl, the other sounds like a devil, they guide in different directions. The voice of devil is sophisticated, it guides you walk around and lost in the maze. The voice of girl is weak and pale, it guides you to a dead end of a corridor.

'Come closer, please....' you can hear the girl crying, and the devil laughing 'You will never find it, HAHAHAHA'

when you walk to the end, there is a door appeared on the wall, it is pink, as transparent as water, it waves slowly and softly.

when you come pass the door, there is a room in it, very shabby and dark. there are some balls sit into the ground, there are very very weakly glorifing with pink. there is a pink crystal ball float in the middle on the room. You can hear the voice of little girls crying,'please help me...''Touch the crystal...'

You come towards the crystal, the balls glorify slightly stronger and slightly shaking when you pass by, 'I am scared' It says.

When you touch the crystal, the room become white, you can see pink clouds and warm moon and stars on the wall. Balls float into the air, and become  transparent, there are lovely little girls in each balls. When say 'Thank you...' at the same time.

The door disappeared, you are trapped. The only thing you can do is walk around. When you pass each ball, the girl will say 'I love you...''Thank you...' or 'Do not leave me...'

When you met every ball, there is a elevator appearing in the middle of the room. On the roof, there is a hole. When you step on it, it arises slowly in to the hole. The girls become panic, they will say, 'NO NO...' 'dangerous...' or 'jump out...''do not leave me...'

If you jump, the elevator goes down. When you arrived in to the hole, you hear the the laughter of the devil. You see an animation that all the girls scream, and they are popped out of the ball, struggling above the ball an died. They lie down on the balls, balls go down and go deep into the ground, the room become dark, the color drop down from the wall piece by piece, the room become dark and collapse down.

You find a lost world, you go through the devil corridor, you find the sweet and lonely room and release all the adorable creatures, you are loved by them, but you also trap youself in one forgotten world. When you finally decided to pursue your own freedom, you killed them all.

You are not a hero but a killer.

Sometimes in your life, if you can not take responsiblities, please put your curiosities away, and leave the lost place along.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


a very cute Japane website o( ̄ ^  ̄ o)
this cute website has so many creative mood words~

( ̄へ  ̄ 凸

( ´_ゝ`)∂

( ▼ω▼)∂


(≧∇≦)/ ハハハ

and it classified them according to different moods, like happy, sad and so on.
people just need to copy and paste,
then they can use all these picture words at anywhere that a real picture is no available to be used.

Friday, March 25, 2011

new drawing :(

(  `Д´)ノ(  `Д´)ノ(  `Д´)

It is so hard to make characters....
everytime I draw things.....
the picture end up with this..........



Thursday, March 24, 2011

the first group project,wonderful cooperation :)

thank you, guys
I learnt so much during making this:)

It is such a enjoyable cooperation,
everyone has their own specialities,
when we work together,
It is amazing !